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Grand Hotel Europa
via Guglielmo Marconi, 15/19
67036 Rivisondoli
Tel.: +39 0864 640101
Fax: +39 0864 6401112

Summer Season Price list 2022

Download the complete price list for the 2022 Summer Season

If you have found the right solution and you want to stay at the Grand Hotel Europa, surrounded by an oasis of peace and here to book your hotel in Rivisondoli directly online!

3rd and 4th bed: for adults 10% discount
for children from 2 to 6 years 20% discount
CCot, for children under 2 years, meals excluded €11,00.
Single room € 11,00
Cooking facilities free of charge

Conference room and Night-time Tavern.

  • Conference Room
  • Elegant and spacious conference room, ideal for welcoming any type of convention, conference or meeting, highlighting the professionalism of the hotel!
  • Night-time Tavern
  • For fun and entertainment the night-time tavern is the ideal solution for parties, dances and special events!

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Sala Conferenze e Tavernetta-night.

  • Sala Conferenze
  • Elegante e spaziosa sala conferenze, ideale per accogliere qualsiasi tipo di convention, convegni e meeting, esaltando la professionalità dell'hotel!
  • Tavernetta-night
  • Per momenti di svago e divertimento la tavernetta night è la soluzione ideale per feste, balli ed occasioni particolari!

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